Facebook Video #2

This is a new experience for me, to be on video and sharing my thoughts with the world!  This is a big step for me in demonstrating that I believe I can do this and allow myself to be okay with imperfections with the thought that they are leading me to perfection at being at ease with myself and sharing myself in videos!

In this second video in March 2018, I am sharing again about believing in yourself and activities that can increase your own self-confidence.  Enjoy, and I welcome your comments.

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FB Video #2


Facebook Video #1

In this video I spoke of the importance of believing in yourself.  I shared some experiences that increased my own confidence and belief in my own strength and abilities.  In these videos I will be sharing 10 principles that have helped me accelerate my own confidence and has accelerated my success in moving my coaching business to new levels.  The month of March the focus is on believing in yourself.

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Who is Laura Diaz?

potraitThis is my first blog and I want to introduce myself.  I am Laura Diaz, owner and founder of In Harmony Coaching whose business is to inspire women so that they can create an amazing empowering life.  I have dedicated myself to learning about life and many areas of its complexity.  I enjoy learning what makes us live life in a more empowering manner.

My intention with this blog is to share areas of my life and study that increase our self-confidence.  One area that I am experiencing now is entering into the social media platform and becoming more visible with who I am and what I do as a professional life coach.

I am open to trying new things that will increase my self-confidence.